Pranic healing is a powerful technique which utilizes the prana (energy) from the air and the earth to remove congestion in the energy system and then and also to re-energise you. The Pranic Healing San Diego is based on the premise that the human anatomy is a self healing entity and given the appropriate conditions can heal it self. Pranic healing helps to create the perfect states within the own body by removing energy congestion and blockages and then replacing it with new vital prana.

The origin of pranic healing

Master Choa Kok Sui is the creator of the Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga System. Grand master Choa Kok Sui conceptualized Prana- the Sanskrit word for life force. His teachings describe prana rather than only the force that resides within every one of us however the energy that always flows across the world. Since these energy systems are attached, his doctrine indicates that it is possible for humans to learn to extract energy from the surroundings and use it to heal.The most memorable thing about Pranic Healing will be the simple fact that it is one prana technique that doesn’t need physical contact.

Pranic healing regards life force being an invisible energy, very similar to Chi in Chinese acupuncture. Prana can be used to restore harmony inside our body, both physically and emotionally. The main reason behind disorders of any form could be as a result of disruptions in the body’s energy. These disruptions can influence a person’s physical, emotional and social state of being. Pranic healing involves smoothening these disruptions.

Pranic healing is a self curing technique, taught by way of a Pranic master, and involves a set of processes of energy transfer.

Scan, Sweep, Energize

Working with your setting takes patience and practice. The first process is “scanning”, or learning to feel the presence of energy. This consists of stern meditation and self awareness gears.

Once you are taught to be conscious of the presence of prana, then you may even learn how to find disruptions in your own energy. The healer will teach one to watch each and every disruption and energy clutter and smoothen it out to build up a clear setting.

Along with detecting energy disturbances, you will even become aware of areas where there was a prana lack. A healer is going to teach you to “Energize” these areas- which comprises deriving energy from your surroundings and distributing that energy evenly over your deficiency spots.

This really is the first level of Pranic healing. Severe ailments require higher levels, and anyone has access to them through expert healers. For a thriving Pranic session, it is essential to think you’ll recover a serene condition. Pranic healing works better once the patient is attentive to his needs and sensitive to his energy.

Pranic healing shouldn’t replace orthodox medical treatments because it is intended to compliment them not to restore them. It can nevertheless assist the healing and help out with pain management of physical disorders such as headaches, toothaches, earaches, sore throats, coughs, fever, stomach aches, inflammation of muscles, back pain, skin ailments and period pain. Additionally, it may help with both the pre and post functionality for improved healing and faster recovery times.

Pranic healing can only be taught by licensed teachers, and all teachings are regulated during the world and thus the technique is obviously learnt at the same manner. To safeguard your therapist is authentically trained, then you can ask to view their certifications. A qualified therapist will be delighted to reveal them to you.